Steve Garzo is a Project Director with CPB Contractors who have been awarded the main works contract for the RPA Hospital redevelopment

What makes this project unique?
The vertical expansion on top of the main hospital building is a unique aspect of this project. The additional levels will be constructed on top of the hospital while it remains operational.

What makes you excited to do the work you do?
Providing exceptional healthcare facilities to the community, particularly when working on iconic hospitals with such rich history like RPA.

What will the main works entail for the RPA redevelopment?
The main works will include expanded and enhanced Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units, stateof-the-art operating theatres, expanded and improved adult and paediatric inpatient ward accommodation and neonatal intensive care services. There will also be increased interventional and imaging services and improved roads, signage and landscaping, including the new northern arrival on Johns Hopkins Road.

What will be the most complex part of the main construction works?
Working on complex construction builds in high-density areas requires meticulous planning, precise execution, and unwavering attention to detail. The RPA redevelopment demands innovative solutions, collaborative partnerships, and a deep understanding of urban dynamics. There’s a lot of opportunity to redefine urban landscapes, enhance sustainability, and shape vibrant communities for generations to come.

What is one of the most important aspects of your role?
Provide my team the leadership required to effectively collaborate with all stakeholders and achieve the project objectives.

What is key to leading and building successful projects?
The key is developing a very positive collaborative culture through all levels of my project team with a ‘can do’ attitude.

What are three words your family would use to describe you?
Adventurous, hardworking and determined.

What’s your favourite song to get you pumped for work?
“Used to be Young” – Miley Cyrus.

Last great TV show or movie you watched?

If you’re cooking dinner, what will everyone be eating?
BBQ – Barramundi, Bistecca Fiorentina steak and Italian sausages.