Preserving history through salvaged items

Salvaging the stained glass windows from the former chapel
The RPA Hospital campus is one of the oldest in Australia and possesses significant heritage value.

Every effort has been made to minimise impacts on existing buildings, however the former Tissue Pathology and Diagnostic Oncology building, the RPA Chapel, and the rear gardens on Lambie Dew Drive will be removed to enable establishment of the site for the new 15-storey east tower.

As building demolition works progress, heritage consultants have been working alongside our project team to salvage and protect heritage items from the historical buildings.

Included in the salvage operations are all elements of the primary façade of the former pathology department from 1880, including the sandstone plaque, all elements of the Federation pediment built in 1905, the Chapel’s stained-glass windows and a portion of its brick masonry.

The delicate retrieval process requires meticulous planning and execution under the guidance of heritage consultants and preservationists. Carefully removing and documenting each item, the team has employed techniques to minimise damage and will ensure all items are catalogued, wrapped, and placed in appropriate storage for future use. Archivists are working side by side with restoration specialists to assess the condition of each artifact, creating detailed records for future reference and potential inclusion in the new hospital building.

The demolition of the two buildings will provide the necessary space for construction of the future 15-storey east tower . We will continue to work closely with heritage consultants as we implement our Arts Strategy and determine how these items can be incorporated into the future hospital building to celebrate the history of RPA Hospital.

Find out more about the heritage works in our Heritage Fact Sheet