women leading the way in construction

Allie Korompay Undergraduate Engineer CPB Contractors
In an industry traditionally dominated by men, women are increasingly making their mark and breaking down barriers in construction. From architects to engineers, their contributions are reshaping the industry towards a more gender-balanced future.

Allie Korompay is a young Undergraduate Engineer with CPB Contractors working on the RPA Hospital Redevelopment project. CPB Contractors has been awarded the main works contract for the redevelopment and is a proud supporter of women in construction.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Allie has always been driven to understand the mechanics behind how and why things work. Despite being nudged towards female-dominated professions, she pursued her passion and is a key member of the construction team.

“I am responsible for ensuring that the RPA Hospital Redevelopment infrastructure meets the highest standards of safety and functionality,” Allie said.

“My role involves everything from structural analysis to project management and requires a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of complex engineering principles.”

Allie’s impact extends far beyond her technical expertise. In the male-dominated industry, she is an inspiration for aspiring female engineers. Showing leadership and determination, she is also debunking stereotypes and paving the way for greater gender diversity in construction.

“Allie has always been determined and resilient, using challenges and biases to propel her forward,” CPB Project Director, Steve Garzo said.

“CPB supports gender equality in the workforce, and we are proud of Allie’s unwavering determination and resilience, which show that gender is no barrier to success in construction.”

As the infrastructure industry continues to evolve, it's crucial that we recognise and celebrate the contributions of women in construction. The RPA Hospital Redevelopment project team will continue to support and seek opportunities for people to pursue their passions, regardless of gender, and we look forward to showcasing more of our talented team as the project progresses.

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