rpa vision

rpa vision

Ngurang Dali Mana Burudi — a place to get better, is Sydney Local Health District’s view of the whole community including health services, Aboriginal communities, families, individuals and organisations that work in partnership.

Guiding the overall redevelopment of the RPA Hospital, is the vision established under the RPA Clinical Services Plan:

That RPA works with partners through innovation, advanced technologies, research, integration and trialling new value-based models of care to integrate and transform healthcare provision, improve health outcomes and improve health, equity and wellness.

That RPA sustainably delivers world class, world leading, personalised, patient and family centred care to the patients and communities it serves.

That RPA is an anchor for the leading translational research and education hub in Australia; equal to be best in the world, delivering economic benefits to the local, state and national economy.

The vision for RPA requires a whole of system transformation to create a healthier more sustainable and resilient future. This future is based on implementing the principles of value-based care and integrating care that is focused on outcomes, patient experience, clinician engagement, equity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Transforming health care – Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s connection to Tech Central
Since its foundation, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital has built a global reputation as a pioneer in patient care, recognised for its innovation, discovery, research and education.

 It is a proud legacy brought to fruition through the hard work, commitment, and resilience of generations of staff, in collaboration with patients and the community.

Throughout RPA’s storied history, it has fostered and valued connection, from when the hospital first opened its doors in 1882 to today, where strategic partnerships ensure RPA is at the forefront of world class healthcare delivery.  

RPA clinicians are known for their innovative techniques, treatments and complex interventions, including Australia’s first aortic valve replacement, first liver transplant and first nuclear medicine department. Cutting-edge research has led to discoveries in the fields of sleep disorders, open heart surgery, robotic surgery and gene therapy.

There have been many other breakthroughs, innovations and challenges over the decades too - none more so than NSW Health’s evolving response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sydney Local Health District implemented new models of care, large-scale infrastructure projects and digital innovation to keep the community safe. 

The District opened rpavirtual – the first virtual hospital in New South Wales – with the team rapidly developing a model of virtual care to support the COVID-19 response. Already, the first of a kind service has been recognised for digital innovation and excellence. 

RPA established the first COVID-19 testing clinic in Australia and in 2021 was named as the site of one of the first three vaccination centres in New South Wales.

The adaption of new and changing technology – combined with world class clinical services – has enhanced patient experience, with the District’s bespoke, digital end-to-end COVID-19 testing and vaccination management system receiving international recognition.

 With an annual District budget topping $2 billion, RPA is integral to the District’s vision to transform health care, and how it's delivered, to cater for the future needs of the community.

 Tech Central is an important part of that future. It presents an opportunity to share ideas, collaborate and better the health and wellbeing of the community through a sustained focus on translating research from the benchtop to the bedside.

The establishment of a biomedical innovation community, combining pharmaceutical and medical-technology start-ups with venture capital opportunities and the District’s public health services will reduce the lead time from innovation to commercialisation.

It will further the District’s goal to deliver accessible, inclusive, culturally-appropriate and holistic health care services – achieving our vision of excellence in health and healthcare for all.


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